Looking to sell?

“Listing my boat with 5SMY has been such a relief. After signing with them, they arrange all the necessary measures to ensure the perfect showcase. Video, pictures and a constant presence on the mainstream channels normally used in the industry”

5SMY brokerage

Thinking of selling your boat? We can provide an obligation-free appraisal to help you understand where your boat would be positioned in the Australian market.
Properly promoting when the moment to sell arrives is imperative for a successful transaction. The marketing money invested must be spent in the right places, using the right means to reach the ultimate goal: match the seller expectation by placing the vessel in front of the right crowd. 5SMY can recommend the best course of action and obtain results promptly and efficiently.


It is highly recommended engaging professional cleaners to wash away the years of previous use. Exterior and interior polishing and cleaning are the “business card” for any potential client willing to come and inspect your boat. It’s no secret a well maintained vessel will sell easier and at a higher price.

Working conditions

Any offer eventually received will state “subject to survey”. To ensure the perfect working conditions of a boat the suggestion is to engage a surveyor to help identifying issues related to engines, electronics and hydraulic systems. Potential buyers coming to inspect your boat will be more than happy to see every part in flawless working condition.

The right crowd

Almost two decades on the Australian market allow 5SMY to have a clear idea of where to invest the marketing money to maximise the exposure to the right crowd only. Targeting is a very important part of the selling process and presenting your boat to the right crowd would increase the chances of selling it faster and better.

When listing with 5SMY, your boat will automatically appear on the major Australian websites for the marine industry.

We will organise pictures and video-brochure for your boat once the conditions will be ideal to get the best results.

5SMY also provides professional and confidential financial and insurance consulting through our supplier relationship.